kidTalent®  - Enrichment Program for Children
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Reaching Beyond - Visions of the Future
Mainstream 6 - 18 years

Fully individualized program
Based on an assessment with Ingo Steinbach,
developer of Samonas, an individual treatment
plan is recommended and a decision is made for one of the following approaches:

We help with difficulties
related to poor Auditory Processing
Approach 1

Focus and boost the performance of a sound skill
set that already is the foundation of your child's
learning and development
Accelerate your child's Learning!

Active Reading Program
Bilateral Integration Program
Dyslexia and Specific Learning Difficulties

In-clinic dual-approach Intensives complimented by
home listening consolidation and integration
Approach 2

Focusing on a single area that is limiting the performance of your child is the optimal strategy

Activate sleeping Talents!

We evaluate and design your child's individual
performance-boost program based on the model
of Multiple Intelligences (H.Gardner, USA)
Approach 3

Addressing concerns that affect performance and skills in multiple areas is a priority