Optimizing of your personal listening plan while moving through it

The optimal listening intensity and daily listening time is an important parameter of your
personal Samonas listening plan.

To maximize the success of your listening plan, you will listen to your personal music selection
daily for a specific amount of minutes, your personal optimal listening time.

This optimal listening time is likely to change while moving through your personal listening plan.

In order to facilitate optimization of your listening process, Samonas has developed an interactive
communication platform, Samonas ICP.

The ICP interface allows to calculate your personal optimal listening time automatically based
on your listening experience on a daily basis.

This system also prepares for coached listening by collecting listening experience and feedback
for a facilitater or coach assisting you while moving through your listening plan.

Samonas Interactive Communication Platform (ICP) Instructions

This section will give you an introduction to using the Samonas Interactive Communication
Platform (ICP). You may also choose to download the ICP instructions in PDF format.

Why is Documentation Important?

It is important to document your listening with us, because your feedback will greatly help in
tailoring your Personalized Listening Plan to your own listening needs.

Suggested Documentation Practice

Your listening plan will require you to listen to the music on your iPod every day, 1 or 2 times
depending on the instructions given. It is recommended to login every day before starting
listening, as this will allow you to enter your feedback on listening for the previous day as well
as get updated listening instructions for your current listening day.

The Listening Advisor  and Listening Advisor Demo

You may use the Samonas ICP demo to familiarize yourself with the login and process of
documenting your listening.  The demo account is re-set every time you use the login form to
log back in, it also has guides to help you to visualize the progression of listening. Please only
use the demo account link for your login

Demo login link: http://CLDemo.smartdecision.org
Client login link: http://CL.smartdecision.org

Step-by-Step Instructions on using the Listening Advisor

After logging in using one of the links above, you will be presented with the following screen
requiring you to verify your name and address. Demo accounts will display demo user
information. Your own account should contain your full name, and mailing address.

Click “YES, I Confirm” once you are sure the information is correct.

Picture 2.png

Listening Day 1

On your first day of listening, login before listening to obtain instructions. When logging in
on your first day of listening for the segment, your active segment will appear in bright green
to indicate this is your first login:

Picture 2.png
Type in the serial number supplied in your documentation to access the Segment. Do NOT use
the serial number in the above picture unless you are using a demo account. Demo accounts have
the demo serial number pre-selected.

Upon logging in you will see a page with your listening instructions for your first day, as well as
information on the goals of your segment and what changes to look out for and document.

Listening Day 2 onwards

(For demo accounts, to move to the next day, click on the link in the orange box at the top.)

On your second day of listening and onwards, login before beginning your listening to rate
your previous day of listening, as well as to get instructions for your current listening day. Your
segment icon will now appear dark green to indicate that your segment is active, and that you
have already logged in once:

Picture 2.png
Type in the serial number supplied in your documentation to access the Segment. Do NOT use
the serial number in the above picture unless you are accessing the demo. Demo accounts have
the demo serial number pre-selected.

Listening Day 2 onwards

You will be presented with a page where you may fill in your rating of your experience from the
day before. You only need to focus on the 3 colored ratings, unless instructed otherwise by your

RED (2) - Choose this if you have observed any adverse reactions during or after the previous
day’s listening. Your listening time will be reduced gently by the advisor.

YELLOW (3) - Rate 3 if you are seeing many positive changes to maintain your listening time.

GREEN (4) - Rate 4 if you feel that listening is going well, but that you may see more changes
with a longer listening time.

(Please see screenshot below)

Picture 2.png

Before submitting your rating, let us know how long you have listened for, and how many times a day.
If this number differs from your instructions for the day, please state the actual listening time and
number of sessions so that we may keep track of your progress accurately.

Please note your observations of any changes (positive as well as negative) as well as any other
information you feel is relevant. It may take a few days for the first changes to appear - be patient!

Picture 2.png

Once you submit your feedback, you will go to a page with your listening instructions. These will change
based on your ratings and feedback, take note of these changes before starting listening.

Your listening instructions will be available the rest of the day, so you may login multiple times. The rating
scale should appear automatically when you login the next day.