Ingo Steinbach



Ingo's scientific background includes university studies in  physics, music, electrical engineering and
sound engineering. This holistic training has enabled him to create the Samonas Auditory
Intervention system, developed over a period of 25 years.

Ingo is the founder of Sound Studio Klangstudio Lambdoma in Hamm, Germany.
Lambdoma is known for its unique Sonas recording system and
Samonas spectral activation technique developed by Ingo himself.
Lambdoma strives to achieve the best possible technical quality of auditory training materials
and equipment and its groundbreaking ideas are much imitated all over the world.

Ingo is also an internationally known trainer and lecturer for the Samonas Auditory Intervention.
Most of the developers of post- Tomatis auditory interventions are originally Ingo's students
and have been inspired by his work.

In addition, Ingo is the creator and founder of Samonas International Network for training,
scientific research, exchange support and distribution.

Ingo runs the Samonas Treatment Center in Singapore, developing and testing out new concepts;
providing in-clinic and at-home listening programs for clients of all ages; and providing
parent workshops and training for professionals.